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Oracle RAC on the Cloud, Part 3

This is part 3 of a multipart series of getting oracle RAC running on a cloud environment. In part 1, we set up a NFS server for shared storage. In part 2, we set up OS components for each RAC server. Now we finish up the OS configuration and move to Oracle grid infrastructure.

Oracle RAC on the Cloud, Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we talked about some of the challenges of setting up Oracle RAC on a public cloud provider, and went on to order some VMs from provider Gandi, and finally configuring a NFS server for shared storage. In this post, we move on to configuring the rac servers themselves, rac01 and rac02.

Oracle RAC on the Cloud, Part 1

I’ve been working on moving a lot of the testing and R&D work I do away from local virtual machines and onto cloud environments, for a few reasons: I can avoid carrying around a laptop all the time, and rather log onto the cloud wherever I happen to be It’s easy to scale down and…

How to Download Oracle Software Using WGET or CURL

This is yet another blog post with tips and tricks to help you (and me) download Oracle software without the help of a Web browser. If you Google “how to download Oracle with wget” you’ll find heaps of posts with useful tips. I decided to write this post to compile the methods I’m aware of…

Log Buffer #345, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

There are a number of technologies, apps, and social media creations out there seeking to displace blogs as the mode of sharing between surfers, but blogging has proved hardy. It has proven its mettle and it’s here to stay. This Log Buffer Edition appreciates this strength of the blogs.

The responsibility of “root”

Systems Administrators often hold the “keys to the kingdom”.  In a data driven world, every IT asset has the potential to have multiple privileged accounts, which can introduce risk to your business and your data.  From the SuperUser to the Database Admin to the Application Owner, each day numerous people are accessing critical infrastructure, often…

Discoverer Installation and Integration to R12.1.3 Instance

This blog gives instructions on how to install Discoverer and get it integrated to your R12.1.3 instance. For easy installation, I have provided all of the important screen shots in a slidehare Word document. These will guide you through all the steps. You can find it here ==> Discoverer Installation and Integration to…

Oracle Free Block Corruption – Test Case

My very first blog post at Pythian – Trick or Treat? So there I was, faced with more that 4000 block corruptions as shown from v$database_block_corruption. The script  corrupt_seg.sql identified the corruption as Free Block Corruption (block not associated with any segments). So how can free block corruption be removed? One method is to format the corrupted…

SQL Server Instance in Script Upgrade mode

Introduction: Almost all of us in our DBA life would have patch/upgrades SQL Server instance and would have faced many issues while upgrading the SQL Server build. Today I will discuss in little detail about the background of the Script Upgrade Mode and the fix. What is Script Upgrade mode: When we apply a patch…

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