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CNN Money Says: DBA top 10 best jobs! Pythian thinks so too!

Database Administrator has been cited by CNN Money as the 7th out of 100 best jobs. Pythian’s stellar team of DBAs agree – not just in America, but around the world! We’re growing fast & are looking for top DBA & systems administration talent. If that’s you, then check out our job listings, post your resume to our candidate system or drop a line to our new Director of HR, Heidi Hauver.

Generating RT bugs out of CPAN Testers’ Reports

A few hours ago, I received a CPAN Testers’s report. The report was a genuine bug (CPANtesters++. Love you guys), and as I made my way to to create a ticket to track the issue, I found myself thinking that it’d be nice to have a ‘bug this’ button straight from the smoke report page. You all know where that kind of thinking leads to, right? I didn’t GreaseMonkey’ed a button into the CPAN Testers page (yet), but I did the second-best thing. Namely, a little command-line script that takes a report url and uses it to auto-generate a bug report to the right distribution:

System Monitoring on the Cheap with TAP and Smolder

Like any self-respecting geek, I have a small network at home. It’s fairly well-behaved and stable, so I never really felt the burning urge of install a monitoring system. However, as I’ve been bitten by the full partition surprise at 9:30am on a Saturday morning a few times lately, I’ve… come to reconsider that position a little bit. Of course, the right solution would be to install a real monitoring system like, say, Nagios or Zabbix. Trying to reinvent the wheel, and in this case a fairly beefy wheel, would be thoroughly silly. But it’d also be fun and educative. So I decided to do it anyway.

Installer Download Updates Option

The new functionality to download latest patches or either apply saved ones came with installer of Oracle (Software Updates Option) It can be used not only through OUI but with silent installation too. There are several options and variables available to get patches from MOS: oracle.installer.autoupdates… MYORACLESUPPORT_… AUTOUPDATES_MYORACLESUPPORT_… Putting it all together I got…

Chopt Utility

There is a new tool came with Oracle 11g Rel.2 that helps to modify options in installed oracle home (Enabling and Disabling Database Options) It is very simple and straightforward utility that recompiles database kernel with different flags.

Blog-Agnostic Widgets

While there’s a thousand and one different blog engines out there, it’s kinda silly that, for each of them, we re-write almost-identical HTML and Javascript for the different widgets and badges we adorn them with. Wouldn’t be be nice if there was a standard way to write those widgets so that we they could be used and shared across all Perl blog engines? Cue in WWW::Widget, probably the most trivial API ever designed. Written as a Moose Role, it requires from wannabe-widget classes only two things: that they pass all configuration elements at object-creation time, and implement a as_html() method.

OOW10 Bloggers Meetup… and the winners are…

I’m happy to announce the winners of this year’s t-shirt and creative blogger’s contest at the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Annual Bloggers Meetup. Asif Momen, of the Momen Blog was the big winner of the HP X310 DataVault. Although there wasn’t as much participation as I had hoped for the creative blog post contest we have not one, but two AppleTV winners to announce; Sunil S. Ranka for his post: Mapping the Maze, Online Bloggers to Real World Faces: Pythian Blogger Meetup at OOW10 and Mr. Chet Justice, Oraclenerd for his entertaining, 5 part series from the meetup. Definitely an “A” for effort – could you tell he really wanted the AppleTV?

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