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Pod::Manual was born a little bit more than three years ago, and kind of lingered in alpha-land ever since. But now, I had the opportunity to return to the project and do terrible things to it. The code is even more alpha than it was before, and it’s now in a post-hack shamble, but at least it has been moosified and (or so I hope) pushed in the right direction.

Avoiding the Perfect Storm

Many companies become accustom to lags in performance or even accept outages as normal to their day to day business due to poorly performing database environments. It’s what I refer to as the plague of the database industry and the constant frustration of DBA’s everywhere. Until these lags and outages become huge storms and are impossible to ignore, it is commonly tolerated. How do environments end up in this situation?

Give Me Reason, Take Me Higher

Pythian, a cluster of passionate DBAs, gives freedom to their DBAs to act. Here, with many companies, and with many databases of a different nature with varying requirements the DBAs are kept on fire. DBAs find reasons to come to their job every day, and when they do and learn new things every day, they rise to new heights. With new heights comes sense of achievements which generates happiness and when the DBAs are happy, databases under them touch new heights of mirth and perform beautifully. That is what Pythian is all about in my opinion.

Getting Around Expiration Dates via Reincarnation (and Catalyst)

Web applications typically have a bunch of static files that almost never change. For all but the simplest apps, it’s usually a good idea to let the browser know that it can cache and reuse those files, so that we can all save a little bit of bandwidth and get things moving a wee bit faster. For that, we have the HTTP Expires header. Have a look.

DBD::Oracle and Oracle 11gR2 – Battle of Bits

11gR2, lib32 directory no longer exists and 32 bit libraries are no longer provided. Which means that there is no way to use 32 bit Perl to connect to Oracle. BTW. This applies to other 32 bit clients as well. I’ve heard that SAP can’t support 11gR2 for a similar reason. What do we do? Here are the options.

Exporting Old Blog Entries

This week-end I finally got around importing all my old blog entries to Fearful Symmetry. To ease off the migration, I ended up writing two itsy-bitsy scripts. They’re nothing fancy, but in case they might help someone, here they are.

Updating ASMLIB Driver Using “update-driver”

In this post I want to talk about updating ASMLIB after or before updating kernel version. Beginning oracleasm-support version 2.1.0 and higher we can use the embedded function “update-driver” which can help us to save time and simplify the process of updating ASMLIB driver.

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