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Automatic Downtimes in Nagios Without Using Time Periods

Monitoring systems are a great thing, and we rely heavily on Nagios here at PalominoDB.  We also rely heavily on xtrabackup for (mostly) non-locking, “warm” backups of MySQL.  In order to get a consistent backup with a proper binlog position on a slave, xtrabackup stops replication for a short period of time.  If the monitoring system…

Log Buffer #242, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Whenever Oracle Open World ends, it not only leaves the technology professionals in awe and full of pride, it also makes them come up with new and great blogging ideras and this Log Buffer Edition covers that flowing notions from bloggers across the Oracle and MySQL beauties, in addition to SQL Server in Log Buffer #242.

I won USD$100 and you can, too

Last week, I won USD$100*.  Gazzang is giving away $100 every Friday in October, in honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  There are only 2 more weeks left — all you have to do is tweet @Gazzang_Inc one way to improve your own cyber security. My winning tweet: @Gazzang_Inc one way is to secure MySQL!…

Exporting the mysql.slow_log table into slow query log format

Using pt-query-digest is an excellent way to perform a SQL review. However, sometimes you don’t have access to the slow_query_log_file. For example, when MySQL runs on Amazon RDS, the slow_query_log_file is unavailable (see the RDS FAQ). To get around this, export the mysql.slow_log table. To export the data, run the following SQL command from an…

Percona Live:London, RightScale and Eucalyptus training discounts!

(Tune in tomorrow where I tell you how you can win USD$100, like I did last week!) Not signed up for Percona Live:London and need some motivation to do so?  How about a £40.00 discount?  That means the Expo Hall is free, regular registration is £260.00 and the tutorials + conference price is £500.00.  Use discount code “PDBUK”….

My Failure, Success and Great Experience at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

A bit more than a week passed since most of us who been part of the OpenWorld are back from San Francisco. It is about time to start sharing stories on how it went for each of us. I must admit that it happened to be a very stressful OpenWorld for me personally. I am recovering from it slowly. On the positive side I met so many great people, discovered how supportive people are and how great is to be a part of the Pythian Team! Let’s talk about how my 2 presentations went at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

Important Caveats When Using pt-online-schema-change

Using pt-online-schema-change is a great way to change a table without downtime or switching over to a secondary database first. While using it on production systems, we found some interesting issues to consider. 1) There were foreign_keys referencing the table we were altering. There are two options to handle this. They are specified with “–update-foreign-keys-method…

The Magic of kSar for one-time system graphs

I forget from whom I first learned about kSar, but I am in debt to that person once again.  I first learned about it about a year ago, and it has been extremely useful whenever I am trying to debug system where I do not have access to trending graphs.  kSar is an open source…

PalominoDB at PerconaLive

PalominoDB is very excited about our participation in the upcoming PerconaLiveconference in London.  We’ll have two of our European staff presenting.  On Monday, Jonathan Levin will be doing a tutorial on Advanced MySQL Scaling Strategies for Developers, and on Tuesday Rene Cannao will be presenting on MySQL Backup and Recovery Tools and Techniques.  Rene and Jonathan…

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