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Open Source Bridge, day 1 keynote

Hacker Lounge – open 22 hours a day (closed between 6 and 8 fit cleaning). Android app Session notes link on each page, takes you to thewiki. #osb11 is the official hashtag Friday is unconference (I won’t be here on Friday). What is open source citizenship? Nominate people for open spice citizenship awards by the…

Liveblogging: A dozen databases in 45 minutes

Actually, the slide is 12 databases in 25 minutes (and 20 minutes of theory) by Eric Redmond (@inviite). Complex data:  A lot of data isn’t really complex, it’s just modeled in a complex way. “Complexity is a symptom of confusion, not a cause” Jeff Hawkins. NoSQL Linear Scalability Ability to be Distributed Low Latency  …

Log Buffer #225, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

March of bloggers goes on and so is the unstoppable production of the blog posts. It’s getting more exciting week after week watching the new and old bloggers adding spice to the database blogosphere. This edition of Log Buffer brings some of the simmering and scintillating posts from around the globe in Log Buffer #225.

5 Days Left – Vote for Pythian Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 on Oracle Mix

Summer’s here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about Oracle OpenWorld 2011. Pythian’s plans are well underway. We have been busily planning since March, have submitted a number of abstracts on all sorts of topics: Exadata, ASM, GoldenGate, ADR, ASM, many based on real world experiences with Pythian clients. Some have been accepted, but we’re hoping for a few more and we’re asking Pythian fans to vote for our sessions on Oracle Mix.

Log Buffer #224, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

There are many variates of mangoes and its hard to pick from them as they all are so sweet and eye catching. Same is the case with the database related blogs, when it comes to selection for the edition of Log Buffer. So once again here you are, about to savor the sweet blogs in Log Buffer #224.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s down to Asheville we go

Thanks to Pythian’s philosophy of keeping their employees on the bleeding edge of technology, at the end of this month I’ll be crossing the American borders to join the YAPC::NA festivities. Am I thrilled? Ooooh heck yeah, I sure am. I looked at the list of talks and divided them into two groups, talks I want to see, and talks I really, want to see. Here is what my own personal schedule tentatively looks like:

PalominoDB Nagios Plugin for MySQL

This post has sample configurations, and an update, to the Nagios plugin called that PalominoDB has developed.  Presentation slides, the presentation video, the whitepaper and the download link to the actual Nagios check are always up-to-date at There has been exciting news for the Nagios plugin PalominoDB developed for MySQL — we now have…

Why use PalominoDB?

[edited June 8th to correct typo; the figure given is per YEAR, not per month] Why PalominoDB: Efficiency in Time and Cost –  The average salary for a full-time DBA is $80-120K per year, not counting payroll and benefit costs.  You can retain PalominoDB for your senior needs at only $37,200 a year based on…

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