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MySQL Beginner’s Guide to Collaborate

So, you are going to Collaborate (or thinking of going) and you wonder if, as a MySQL beginner, there will be enough content for you. Or you wonder if there will be too much, and how you will ever decide on what to go to. I have put together this list of what I would…

Chorus: A Fully Buzzword-Compliant Slide Webapp

Most of the time, I hack applications together because I have an itch that badly needs scratching. But, sometimes, I also build up apps for the sake of trying out and experimenting with new technologies. The process I’m following for those latter apps is what I call Awesome Driven Development, or A.D.D. for short. Here’s how it’s done.

Free webinar on query reviews using mk-query-digest on March 1st

One week from today, on Tuesday, March 1, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time  (UTC-5), I will give a free ODTUG webinar on “Finding Query Problems Proactively With Query Reviews” using mk-query-digest. This presentation will show how to review the queries in your system on a one-time or ongoing basis. Being able to…

NoCOUG (My)SQL Challenge entry #2

A few days ago I learned about this year’s NoCOUG SQL Challenge and decided to to put the gray matter between my ears to work. I’ve been teaching a MySQL course this week and my first impulse was to use my MySQL VM to test my solution attempts. However, I eventually decided to use Recursive Subquery Factoring to solve the proposed problem and had to switch to an Oracle 11gR2, since it’s the only database that implements this feature that I know how to use (are there any others?). I was happy with my solution, but frustrated that I couldn’t run it on MySQL. So I decided to try to make it somehow work on MySQL.

DBD::Oracle 1.28 Release Candiate 2

Here is the next latest and greatest DBD::Oracle for your programming pleasure. This time round we have cleaned a few compiler warnings and fixed up a few of the tests. Thanks to H. Merijn Brand and Charles Jardine for those.

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