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Free and Easy Schema diff for Oracle

This post originated from a quick discussion we had internally on how to quickly and easily compare schemas between two Oracle databases. I learned about Sheeri Cabral’s post with a quick comparison solution for MySQL databases and I though of using a similar approach for Oracle. I did some testing and it worked quite well. There certainly are tools in the market, free or not, that do this for us, and even generate scripts to correct differences. The steps below only go as far as to tell you what the differences are. However, they don’t require any additional tool and can be easily executed in any *nix or Windows environment.

First Look at Kubuntu 9.10, “Karmic Koala”

I just installed a copy of the titular distro last night and have been playing with it a bit. So far it’s been less trouble than I would have expected from a first beta, and runs well. Get Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala beta 1 here. A word to the wise, this is beta software and not yet ready for prime time.

The Joy of Finding Your Code in Unexpected Places

So there I am, on my morning bus ride, reading my copy of ‘The Definitive Guide to Catalyst’, unaware of the surprise that is about to fall on me like a rabid koala bear…The script in the book is a wee bit different and has been improved upon, but its origin is unmistakable. Somehow, unexpectedly, a hack of mine found its way into publication. Fame, glory, and page 293 of the Catalyst book, I can finally claim ‘em all as rightfully mine! But, serendipitous glee aside, three important lessons lie in this little story.

Testing Thunderbird 3: What to do if it ‘shreds’ your threads

I use Mozilla Thunderbird at work for reading my email and, since Mozilla Messaging is approaching the release of Thunderbird 3, I decided to give the latest beta a try. I’m an Ubuntu user (8.04 “Hardy Heron” on my workstation) so I sought out a PPA for development versions of Thunderbird, and came across ubuntu-mozilla-daily. I added the repository to my apt config and you can too, here’s how:

Dynamic General and Slow Query Log Before MySQL 5.1

This is a hack, but it is a good one. I was looking at some machines on a new client, and they had the general log turned on. I was surprised, because it was a fairly busy server, and they had had many problems with the server a few months ago. I thought perhaps they had turned on the general log to diagnose a problem and forgotten to turn it off, or something similar.

MySAR: A sar-like Utility for MySQL

One day, while looking into slave lag problem, the idea of MySAR popped into my head and a few hours later I was using its first incarnation. I was able to relate the server’s I/O activity peaks with these lags and in turn, discovered that it was caused by a great number of INSERT statements coming in in waves. It was an encouraging outcome for what was nothing more than a proof of concept.

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