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Where did the filter come from?

There has been a recent thread on ORACLE-L where the poster asked why there is an extra filter predicate which appears when functions are being used in the where clause. We can observe the behavior using the following test case.

Hotsos Symposium 2010 — Battle Against Any Guess Is Won

What’s unusual about this session is that it’s not some technical stuff that I usually do but a more conceptual and motivational talk. Could I pull it off? Well, I think it went fairly well in general even though I did identify few rough places and my lack of English language mastering. Might need to work a little bit more on the flow of the presentation. We had quite a few good laughs. Later, people in the next hall were asking about it and Dan was making the jokes on the stage so it must have been loud. Anyway, I think nobody fell asleep and I managed to get people thinking about the topic. I received many “thank you” notes yesterday and compliments on a good session so by the end of the day I was more and more pleased. Thanks everyone for attending and especially big thanks to those of you who brought to my attention examples from their own battles. If you have more to discuss — contact me by email (my last name) {at}

IBM Storage Fails Too Often, so Let’s Switch to EMC…NOT!

A couple weeks ago I did a short blog post about SAN storage failures and how people are blinded by all the bells and whistles that are supposed to make storage arrays 100% reliable and failsafe. My conclusion was that there is no way to avoid storage failures, and that a better way is to anticipate those failures and be ready to handle them with minimal service impact.

RMOUG Training Days 2010 Round Up

I have really enjoyed few technical sessions that I managed to attend. I want to mention couple that I liked especially. I managed to attend the full session by Robyn Sands about adopting variance to performance troubleshooting and performance acceptance — lots of interesting goodies. have been honored to participate in the opening keynote amongst other Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors including Stanley

Oracle ASM 11g — The Evolution (slides from RMOUG10)

Oracle Automatic Storage Management has proven to be one of the most widely adopted new features in Oracle Database 10g and it has been dramatically improved in the later 11g releases. This presentation will explain what changes are solved by ASM, how these challenges are solved, what barriers there are to ASM adoptions, and how 11g Release 2 addresses these barriers. The slides are linked here.

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