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Installing TOra with Oracle Support on Ubuntu 10.10

I installed this on Kubuntu 10.10 x86_64 systems with the newest Oracle 11.2 client. The version of TOra this time around is 2.1.2 which works fine except for one really really frustrating thing, that I will mention at the end to keep you in suspense. I ran through this 3 times on 3 separate systems (VM, work and home) and in all cases I got through it mostly unharmed with only a few humps. So here we go, it’s time to…

Pythian Q1 2011 Speaking: Find us at RMOUG, Hotsos

Pythian will be at RMOUG in full force. Look for Alex Gorbachev, Kellyn Pedersen & Don Seiler. Be sure to stop by our table (#10), say hi to us & our friends from the OakTable Network, and enter our draw to win an Amazon Kindle, and software provided by Cary Millsap (MR-Trace, MR-Tools & Method-R Profiler) among a few other surprises. Pythian is agressively hiring top DBA talent. If this is you, register on our Career Center, or request a time for a short intro chat with Pythian. Alex, Kellyn or Don will be more than happy to give you the inside scoop on the company & share why they love working for Pythian.

The DBA and the Trigger

Anyone can fall into this scenario. Everyone is carefully taking time to test before applying a couple patches to address an async I/O issue in Oracle to ensure all testing environments are exact, all patching is approved by everyone that would like to review it. No one is willing to pull this trigger and apply the patches until they are absolutely sure they have every SQL statement, every network tweak, every application scenario looked over and over again. Suddenly, the database reaches what every DBA dreads…

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