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Reporting Space-Wasting Objects in Oracle

I chose to talk about a technique I used at a client’s site to report the topmost space-wasting objects in an Oracle database. I was looking for a way to detect these objects without having to run some expensive analyze statements or dbms_stats jobs. I found out that I can use the dbms_space package to do this. It worked very well for me and I’m sure lots of DBAs could use this technique too.

Basic I/O Monitoring on Linux

Indeed, while the technique we discuss here is basic, it gives a good overview and is very easy to use. So let get focused… We will use iostat utility. There is much to say about IO monitoring and interpreting results. Perhaps this is only the first of a series of posts about IO statistics. At Pythian we often come across different environments with specific characteristics and various requirements that our clients have. So stay tune — more to come.

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