Change Your OTN Forums Account Email?

Jan 15, 2007 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Not that I participate there often but couple months ago I pulled out my 7 years old account there and wanted to change its password. To my surprise – I’m not able to do it. Recently Oracle-L mentioned one thread on OTN. It’s more than year old and there are quite a few other threads on this issue. It gets updated almost every day and there is absolutely no progress on email change feature. Amazing reaction from Oracle or rather no reaction.

Well, again, someone can write great database management software, others – database applications, third – operating systems.

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8 Responses to “Change Your OTN Forums Account Email?”

  • Noons says:

    natural keys vs artifical keys?

    still: whatever it is, a real annoyance.

  • I thought it’s natural key issue but I recall there was time that I could change my email. If they migrated to an new “improved” forums – someone should have get a good bonus for that.

  • APC says:

    >> natural keys vs artifical keys?

    The irritating thing is that the OTN accounts have _three_ unique keys – a synthetic ID, a public handle (although setting it is optional) and the e-mail address. It seems bizarre that even though the account is no longer identified by our e-mail we still can’t change it. I think Oracle may have been working on this functionality but baulked at how many records they will have to update to replace a natural key with a synthetic one.

    Cheers, APC

  • But what a marketing campaign they can run when this is implemented!
    “All new OTN Forums – the most advanced forums ever – now you CAN change your email.” LOL

  • Strangely, OTN is apparently unable to change this so there is no point in complaining to them, and we are also told that it is not the fault of the Jive forum software either. It therefore seems there is some architectural or business restriction which is nobody’s responsibility and which nobody can describe, let alone change. It’s all very mysterious.

  • Borkur Steingrimsson says:

    Well, this is indeed really annoying.
    A simple enough solution, at least until the OTN MegaForums RX2000 comes out, would be:
    Add another field, say: email_announce
    Populate this new field with the old address
    Allow users to change this field
    Hide the old field.
    Bob’s your uncle!

    I do try to use the forums a bit, but I haven’t had access to the email address I signed up with, for more than 3 years now….

  • Well, again, someone can write great database management software, others – database applications, third – operating systems.


    Surely you jest. Oracle is all three now that they R and R (Rip and Recompile) RH :-)

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