Christo Kutrovsky Presenting at RMOUG

Feb 9, 2009 / By Christo Kutrovsky

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I am back on the road, going to RMOUG Training Days to present The Answer to Free Memory, Swap, Oracle, and Everything.

I am quite excited, as the RMOUG schedule looks quite promising, especially these presentations:

  • Further RMAN Optimizations in 11g — Stephan Haisley
  • Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting: No Magic is Needed — Tanel Poder
  • Understanding Oracle Execution Plans: How SQL is Really Executed — Tanel Poder
  • The SAN is Guilty until proven otherwise — Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha

Some of these overlap, so I guess I will have to make a difficult choice.

I hope to see you all in Denver.

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One Response to “Christo Kutrovsky Presenting at RMOUG”

  • Steven Peterson says:

    Hello Christo,

    I attended your session today at RMOUG. I often find it very easy to overlook system memory usage so this was a very good/useful presentation.

    I agree with you, there are always interesting sessions that unfortunately overlap. I’d like to attend “The SAN is Guilty…” but can’t miss Tanel Poder!

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