Collaborate 2007 – Day 2

Apr 17, 2007 / By Babette Turner-Underwood

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AAAArrrgh… I hate it when using the internet and the posts get lost and I have to retype everything !!! Very tired today because we had a false alarm go off in the hotel last night at 2:30 am. It was hard to get back to sleep after the alarm and then the continuous loud speaker announcements to wait until they investigated the problem.

This morning I attended a session on Fusion from a database perspective by Dr. Paul Dorsey. It was very interesting perspective on moving the logic FROM the middle tier TO the database. Yes… that is right. Instead of moving logic to the middle tier, moving processing closer to the data, even for web pages.
(I missed the end of the session as I really wanted to go to the RAC Internals course. Sadly, it was full and I didn’t get in. Hopefully they will put on a repeat session).

Attended several very interesting other sessions this afternoon…but about to get booted off the Internet Cafe. Really enjoyed Sandep Patel’s session and demo on the Interested Transaction List. Attended Arup’s RAC Performance and John King’s XML Publisher. Both very good. And I could not do justice to try and go into details of any of them here….and I need to rush off to party :-) :-)

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