Collaborate 2007 – Day 3

Apr 18, 2007 / By Babette Turner-Underwood

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After attending John King’s XML Publisher presentation, Peter Koletzke and I took a “short cut” outside to get to the hotel lobby from the conference area. It is only about a 10 mile walk from the Conference rooms to the hotels. EVERYthing is bigger in Vegas! I was surprised when Peter told me it was his first time in THREE DAYS that he was outside. I guess a lot of people are either staying in the hotels here, or taking the tunnel between hotels. The hotels are set up like mini-mazes and the casinos are almost totally unavoidable. So far I have avoided all gambling temptation….other than the free slot machines in the vendor hall.

This morning I attended Tony Jambu’s session on Cryptography and Digital Signatures. Although I am used to working with VPN and ssh and generating and using public/private keys, I never really had the overview of the principles of security before. The entire concept of A.P.A.I.N was quite interesting.

My recent session was Tim Quinlan’s session on Implementing and Managing Logical Standby databases. I have been using physical standby databases for many years and have not yet had the opportunity to do a lot of work on logical standby databases.

Well….I am off for lunch.

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