Collaborate 2007 – Last Day

Apr 19, 2007 / By Babette Turner-Underwood

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The big bash last night was a beach party around the pool at Manderlay Bay. It was a little chilly for a beach party. And the line-ups for drinks were very very very very very long in the beginning of the party. But I found the Marguerita stand that the nice folks at Quest Software were running. Took a while for people to find it, so they had no line up…and they had much better margueritas than the regular lines! Bonus!

Sadly it was really really difficult to find a Canadian flag in Las Vegas so the plan to meet near the Canadian flag at the party was a bit of a bust. Peter managed to get one..but it was so late in the night most people missed it :-(

Christo is presenting this morning his session on Memory. Hope he did not stay up too late!!!

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