Community dinner at Pedro’s during the O’Reilly MySQL Conference

Feb 22, 2010 / By Sheeri Cabral

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Just the facts:
What: MySQL user community dinner
Who: me, you, and many MySQL community members
When: Monday, April 12th – Meet at 6:30 at the Hyatt Santa Clara or at 7 pm at the restaurant
Where: Pedro’s Restaurant and Cantina – 3935 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054
How: Comment on this blog post to add your name to the list of probable attendees

I was sad that last year there was no community dinner, and I missed the one the year before when Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green made an appearance. This year I am determined not to miss it, and so I am calling for a community (pay-your-own-way) dinner on Monday, April 12th, at Pedro’s – a Mexican restaurant that has vegetarian and vegan options. I think Monday is a better time because many folks arrive Sunday evening, or even Monday morning (there are tutorials on Monday, but not everyone attends).

Pedro’s can handle large groups of people, but we would like to have a vague idea of how many people are attending — while you are not required to RSVP, we would like to make an accurate reservation at Pedro’s….In 2008, there was a wiki page with a list of attendees, and I was disappointed because there were so many people on that list I wanted to see.

Meet us at 6:30 pm on Monday in the lobby of the Hyatt Santa Clara, or at 7 pm at Pedro’s. If you want to come later, just show up at Pedro’s whenever you can.

Since commenting on this blog does not require registration (as the wiki does), I invite folks to comment on this blog post and I’ll add you to the list of attendees:

  1. Sheeri K. Cabral (The Pythian Group)
  2. Paul Vallee (The Pythian Group)
  3. Rob Hamel (The Pythian Group)
  4. Giuseppe Maxia (Sun)
  5. Brian Aker (Drizzle)
  6. Konstantin Osipov (Sun)
  7. Mark Callaghan (Facebook) (will arrive later)
  8. Wagner Bianchi (EAC Software, Brazil)
  9. Roland Bouman (BI wizard)
  10. Bill Karwin (Karwin Software Solutions)
  11. Maxim Volkov (OpenCandy)
  12. Brian Moon (DealNews) – note: Monday Apr 12th is Brian’s birthday!
  13. Rob Peck (DealNews)
  14. Arjen Lentz (OpenQuery)
  15. Vadim Tkachenko (Percona)
  16. Rohit Nadhani (WebYog)
  17. Paul McCullagh (PrimeBase)
  18. Monty Widenius (Monty Program)
  19. Sergei Golubchik (Monty Program)
  20. Kristian Nielsen (Monty Program)
  21. Henrik Ingo (Monty Program)
  22. Nick Westerlund (Tuenti)
  23. Sergey Petrunya (Monty Program)
  24. Eric Day (Rackspace (Drizzle))
  25. Lenz Grimmer (Sun Microsystems)
  26. Garry Hamilton-Smith (Gazal)
  27. John Russell (IBM?)
  28. Bryan Alsdorf (Monty Program)
  29. Baron Schwartz (Percona) (Tentative yes)
  30. Mark Atwood (Gear6)
  31. Gillian Gunson (Disney)
  32. Robin Johnson (Gentoo, phpMyAdmin)
  33. Ivan Zoratti (MySQL)
  34. Henrique Sidney (MySQL)
  35. Mario Beck (Sun Microsystems)
  36. Tom Disheroon (Sun Microsystems)
  37. Chris Schneider (
  38. Kevin Knapp (Facebook)
  39. Daniel Bartholomew (Monty Program)
  40. Stewart Smith (Rackspace (Drizzle))
  41. Monty Taylor (Rackspace)
  42. Max Goodman (?)
  43. Bradley C. Kuszmaul (Tokutek)
  44. John Partridge (Tokutek)
  45. Zardosht Kasheff (Tokutek)
  46. Ronen Baram (Sun Microsystems)
  47. Darren Cassar (Trading Screen)
  48. Mike Pattison (Trading Screen)
  49. Walter Heck (Open Query)
  50. Kaj Arnö (MySQL Community)
  51. Marc Delisle (phpMyAdmin)
  52. Antony Curtis (?)
  53. Gabriel Cain (?)
  54. Solomon Chang (Sosbuzz, Inc.)
  55. Kent Bozlinski (?)
  56. Ronald Bradford (?)
  57. Kai Seidler (Apache Friends)
  58. Ryan Mack (Facebook)
  59. George Georgalis (?)
  60. David Lyons (Alchemy Systems)
  61. Scott Lin (Alchemy Systems)
  62. Ryan McElroy (Facebook)
  63. Julian Cash – Tentative (Human Star Business Photography)
  64. Daniel Salinas (Rackspace)

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