Community Keynote at the MySQL Conference

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I am thrilled to announce that this year’s MySQL Conference will feature a Community Keynote. This is a keynote speech delivered by a community member (not a Sun employee!) about topics relevant to us.

I am delivering this year’s keynote, entitled “How to be a MySQL Superhero” on Wednesday, April 22nd at 9:45 am Pacific. Details are at This is a great indication that Sun and O’Reilly are taking community very seriously, and want to make sure that our voices are heard — literally.

I hope that this can be an annual featured keynote, like the “State of the Dolphin.” The thriving community is one of the reasons MySQL is the world’s most popular database.


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Giuseppe Maxia
April 17, 2009 3:01 pm

A well deserved honor!


Congratulations, Sheeri!

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April 17, 2009 4:16 pm

[…] Last but not least, Sheeri will be presenting a keynote on Wednesday: How to be a MySQL Community Superhero. […]


Well deserved, go get them!

Sheeri Cabral
April 17, 2009 5:16 pm


Roland Bouman
April 17, 2009 8:43 pm

Hi and Congrats!

looking forward to attend ;)
I’m sure this’ll be an inspiring keynote.

Good luck!



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