Day two at Collaborate 2006 (Christo)

Apr 26, 2006 / By Christo Kutrovsky

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After I actually woke up I found myself attending a session about LogMiner by Chet Watmough.

Log Miner in my opinion is a vastly under-used utility. It has such great versatility. Chet showed some techniques to add additional logging. By inserting the client info information into a dummy table, just to produce a record in the redo stream, he can identify who did what.

Developers would spend hours debugging an issue, adding endless debug information into their procedures/programs, but not think of using logminer to help them. Not to mention production analysis, missing rows recovery etc.

Next I chose “Securing your Oracle Database” by Ran Pan. This session was packed! Everyone seemed concerned about database security. The session provided a good overview of what are the components of security in Oracle and what are the most common breaches.

Unfortunately, i missed the next 2 blocks. The reason was that I had to prepare for battle !

If I am going to attend a linux vs unix panel, I may as well be well prepared. If my opponents are reading this, no luck – I am not giving any hints! I spend 2 hours with Arup Nanda discussing our points about linux vs unix. I will recap this *after* the debate. You never know, I may change my side after it.

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