Daylight Saving Time Begins, Sunday March 9th

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This is a public service announcement, and while databases should not have a problem as this Sunday we “spring ahead”, some people might be confused as to why systems were “dead” for an hour, and show no activity/sales/whatever.

This Sunday, March 9th, most locales in Canada and the US start to “save daylight” by “springing ahead” one hour. At 2 am local time (that would be “really late Saturday night” for the party-goers), the time jumps ahead one hour.

Databases such as MySQL should continue to work just fine, but your monitoring graphs will show a dead zone, your sales charts will log no sales, and similar phenomena will occur. Nothing to worry about, but since I haven’t seen the post made yet, I figured I would remind folks.


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the fun thing will be when folks replicating between different daylight savings zones start to look at error logs…


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