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Jul 2, 2008 / By Keith Murphy

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Seems I have turned into a bit of a news source. dbWatch Software sent me a news release on their dbWatch monitoring platform, which looks like it might be an interesting product for those who work in a heterogeneous database environment. Here’s the release:



Rob Shuster, VP US Sales
dbWatch USA
6122B S. Eagle Pass Rd.
Gold Canyon, AZ

Phone: 800-270-9892



dbWatch Software Announces US based Sales & Support Oslo, Norway — June 23, 2008 – dbWatch Software has launched a US sales and support organization. The flagship product, dbWatchâ„¢ (v8.1), is a heterogeneous database monitoring/reporting tool currently supports Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

Marek Jablonski, CEO states “As a DBA you are often stuck with multiple platforms (both OS and database systems) and multiple unmanageable tools from database providers. dbWatch™ is a single tool allowing the DBA to monitor all databases and generate professional custom reports.”

Clear Channel Norway IT Director, Jan Erik Rasmussen, reports “dbWatch provides an effective overview of our databases, and allows me to sleep well at night.”

Three dbWatchâ„¢ editions are available: Standard ($195), Professional ($1,995 to $9,995), and Enterprise ($14,995). A free 30-day evaluation is available for download.

For information: http://www.dbwatchusa.com or

Contact: info@dbwatchusa.com

Phone: 800-270-9892

It was a timely contact, coinciding with Sheeri’s review of MONyog. It sounds like dbWatch is the kind of tool that would be valuable here at Pythian, where we work with all of the DBMSs it supports. But — I haven’t tried it yet, so I put it to you: have any of you used dbaWatch? If so, what are you opinions?

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4 Responses to “dbWatch News”

  • Xaprb says:

    whoa, when did Pythian and by extension Planet MySQL become a cork board for everyone? If I get something that says “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” I release it immediately to the trash bin :-) Let’em pay for their own ads…

  • Keith Murphy says:

    Please point any criticism at me. This information was really coming from me through MySQL Magazine. It has nothing to do with Pythian other than that is the only active blog I have currently. I need to set up another blog for the magazine so it doesn’t interfere with my more normal postings on here. And actually, dbwatch did pay for an ad for the magazine for the summer issue. So they are supporting the community and the writers of the magazine.



  • Sheeri Cabral says:

    Xaprb — If you actually read down to the bottom, Keith does state that he thinks it might be valuable for Pythian and asks if folks have used it. Perhaps your reaction would have been less visceral if that paragraph had been first?

    I know I’ve posted “hey I got this, it looks good, but I’m skeptical, does anyone have any feedback?” before, to planet mysql even, and I haven’t gotten such a bad response.

  • Xaprb says:

    Let me clarify — I didn’t say that very well. I didn’t mean to focus on Pythian or Keith as much as the company with the press release. I was just thinking, what if I’m a company with a product to sell? Hmmm, I will write to Keith… :-)

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