From Down Under to Denver (RMOUG)

Feb 10, 2008 / By Babette Turner-Underwood

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Time has flown so incredibly fast these past few months. It is hard to believe that I leave here tomorrow to fly to Denver for RMOUG. I have been very fortunate to get selected give two presentations (one on Data Pump and the other on Oracle Application Server and LDAP).

I am really looking forward to catching up with “my mates” in the Oracle community. I will send regular updates when I get to RMOUG. But, to be honest I am a little scared, no more like petrified, to face the cold weather again. This year in Ottawa has had quite a bit of snow and I am not that fond of shoveling it.

Even though the weather has been much wetter and colder in Sydney this year than in previous years, it has not stopped me from trying sailing, catching ferry rides, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, going dancing, or hitting the beaches. I love all the greenery. There is nothing quite like walking down the street and getting hit with a whiff of Lemon Grass or fragrant Jasmine. It will be MONTHS before my garden is in bloom. I am glad I took lots of pictures while I have been here so I can remember this magical place while I am waiting for summer in Ottawa.

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