Hey, I’m an Oracle ACE Director Now!

Jun 15, 2009 / By Alex Gorbachev

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I’ve been just sending the abstracts for UKOUG 2009 Conference before the extended deadline is over and realized that I hadn’t spread those exciting news. Actually, the news spread via Twitter before I saw the official confirmation in my inbox. Well, I guess the blog post title says it all. It’s a pleasure to join this program and get engaged in its activities.

I should mention that the process actually involves the acceptance on my side and there are expectation from me such as participation in local, global and online events with Oracle and their product teams as well as participate in some OTN activities. Well, there is rather nothing I haven’t done before except maybe access to some special events where Oracle product teams share some pre-release information. Well, I surely won’t mind any additional info to satisfy my curiosity.

Finally, thanks to Francisco Munoz Alvarez for nominating me to become an Oracle ACE Director.

Now, I guess I will have to scout the internet and update all my online profiles. When is this magical Web 2.0 going to actually work?!

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