How to measure the ROI of Big Data projects.

Dec 12, 2013 / By Samer Forzley


Big data is on almost every company’s radar these days. It’s long past the domain of mining and finance companies, and now executives across all industries are looking for ways to explore the potential it promises. However, many struggle to justify the expense of a big data project that doesn’t offer a clear ROI.

In this short video, Pythian’s CTO, Alex Gorbachev, and I dispel some myths surrounding big data and discuss different ways to calculate ROI for top- and bottom-line returns. Whether you’re looking to improve operations or mine data for insights and then commercialize your findings, this video will help you determine the best approach.

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One Response to “How to measure the ROI of Big Data projects.”

  • Ajay Asthana says:

    I enjoyed your segment on ROI for big data. Can you please send me some more details of the approach you use?



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