Video: How to Stop Hating MySQL

Nov 12, 2008 / By Sheeri Cabral

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(Note: updated with the presentation video on 11/15/2008)

At LISA 2008, I gave a presentation entitled “How to Stop Hating MySQL: Fixing Common Mistakes and Myths”.

The presentation slides can be downloaded as a PDF at:

View the video online at or download the 202.5 MB Flash video file (.flv) directly at

Here are some notes and links I referred to:

Technocation, Inc containing free videos, a MySQL podcast (currently on hiatus) and blog posts about MySQL.

Why you want to switch to MySQL 5.1

How MySQL Uses Memory

Query Cache Configuration

EXPLAIN manual page

EXPLAIN cheatsheet

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3 Responses to “Video: How to Stop Hating MySQL”

  • Tom Krouper says:

    I was going through your slides and they were obvious just an outline for your talk. But, I did have one quick question… you mentioned innodb_file_per_table but it was just a line item. I couldn’t tell if you were pro or anti (or neither). I’ve heard different takes on using this. I know it is nice for saving space if you are doing lots of deletes followed by optimizing, but I’ve also heard that once you get above 200 tables, there is a hit on performance with opening tables. I was hoping you could give your opinion on when to use or not use innodb_file_per_table. Thanks.

  • Sheeri Cabral says:

    Tom — I’ve added the video, so you (and everyone else) can get the full information. The short version is that using innodb_file_per_table can help optimize disk usage because each InnoDB table has a file for indexes and data.

    As far as opening tables, you can increase the size of table_cache.

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