I Am Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Sep 28, 2012 / By Christo Kutrovsky

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I just came back from a client’s engagement, and I’m heading to Oracle OpenWorld in just a few hours!

This year I ended up with two exciting sessions. I would invite you to pre-register, but they are already packed! You are welcomed to join the waiting list, and I highly suggest you do so if you like them.

My IOUG Sunday session is:

The Answers to Free Memory, Swap, Oracle Database, and Everything – UGF6886
9/30/12 (Sunday) 9:00 AM – Moscone West – 2016

This is my usual Memory presentation, updated with the newest kernel additions and personal discoveries. If you like to understand how memory works with the database in mind, this is the session to attend.

My Monday OpenWorld session is:

Measuring Performance in Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux – CON6699
10/1/12 (Monday) 12:15 PM – Marriott Marquis – Golden Gate C3

This is a new session, covering the OS and what tools to use, how to interpret the numbers, and where else can you go, again with a database focus. I am really excited about this session. I inherited it from Gwen Shapira, but now I am super hyped about it. I think DBAs will learn a lot of cool tricks for the OS and be much more comfortable using the tools it offers. It also covers Exadata specifics as things are a little bit different when all your IOs is “network”-based.

I’m looking forward to meet you all at OpenWorld. I will be using Twitter for updates, something I only do at conferences. Hit me up @kutrovsky.

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  • Jun He says:

    Kutrovsky, I attended your session about “parallel query” @OOW. It was excellent! Would you mind sharing your presentations to my compy email above jun.he@anadarko.com. (Anadarko Petroleum Corp.) ? Missed the other two sessions above. like to take a look as well. Thanks.


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