I Have Never Seen Such an Impressive Line-up for the AUSOUG Conference

Oct 30, 2011 / By Yury Velikanov

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If you haven’t considered attending the AUSOUG conference in Perth yet, you definitely should! Out of 50 sessions I counted 21 to be presented by Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors; 8 by Oracle employees and at least 2 by Oracle Certified Masters!

Thanks to the conference organizers (including hard working Scott Wesley, Burke Scheld) and Oracle Technology Network team this years conference has a very impressive speakers list for the most remote city on earth! If you are base in Perth or close by :) you still have a chance to be part of the event!

Briefly looking though the conference program I would like to suggest that you consider sessions from the following speakers:

  • Francisco Munoz  Alvarez – Oracle Ace Director (NZOUG)
  • Tim Hall – Oracle Ace Director (UK)
  • Craig Shallahamer – Oracle Ace Director (US)
  • Graham Wood – Oracle US, Further of AWR, ASH …
  • Kai Yu – Oracle Ace Director (US, RAC SIG)
  • Connor McDonald – Oracle Ace Director (Perth Australia, has a very unique presentation style)
  • Penny Cookson – Oracle Ace (Perth Australia)
  • Debra Lilley – Oracle Ace Director (UKOUG)
  • Chris Muir – – Oracle Ace Director (Perth Australia)
  • Avi Miller – Oracle Australia (I like Avi’s energy, you should listen to his presentation)
  • Gavin Soorma – Oracle Certified Master and very knowledgeable
  • Scott Wesley – active Oracle User Group member
  • Chandu Patel – didn’t meet Chandu yet. But it looks like he has very impressive presenting history

If you are still not convinced that you must be part of the conference (if you are able to) I invite you to participate in a very unique session that we are organizing with Scott Wesley together.

During this session Debra Lilley, Chris Muir, Connor McDonald, Penny Cookson, Tim Hall will advise you on how Oracle user groups can help you to make next step in your personal development path!

See you in Perth soon folks,


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2 Responses to “I Have Never Seen Such an Impressive Line-up for the AUSOUG Conference”

  • Noons says:

    Are you back yet? How did it go?
    C’mon, full report, with photos!

    • Hi Noons,

      I am back indeed! Arrived this weekend and found my family sick. Spent some time running recovery commands and playing tambourine :) Now it looks like all recovered and I can start writing a blog.
      Please bear with me for a few days and you will see the blog post.


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