Insync12 Melbourne’s End Heralds a Beginning

Aug 24, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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After Darwin’s hot, humid, and dry weather, Melbourne’s chilly weather was quite a contrast. The icing on the cake was the constellation of technical experts in the The Sebel under the banner of Insync12.

Two days of technical fun was packed with nifty tricks, cool tips, strengthened knowledge, and exquisite sharing experiences. From Exadata to JD Edwards and from Golden Gate to tales of patching, the conference bubbled with a pulsating excitement and eagerness. On the day following its ending, Richard Foote ran a workshop. Guess on what topic? That’s right: indexing.

Pythian was there too, and I presented two sessions on Exadata. One dealt with the overview of the machine while answering the justification of the beast, and the other tried to demystify the working of DBRM with the IORM within Exadata. Connor McDonald, Richard Foote, Guy Harrison, Martin Power, Shan Nawaz, Basheer Khan, Sharan, and many others warmed up the hearts and minds of the audience.

Marketing glam, sales pitches, and give away items are the inevitable, colorful, and often beneficial part of any technical conference. Insync12 was no exception. Moreover, the technical content and the execution was professional too. Kudos!

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