IOUG Big Data SIG — Kick-Off Meeting at OOW12

Sep 27, 2012 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Announcing the IOUG Big Data Special Interest Group (SIG)!

We have the SIG meeting at Oracle Open World. Come join us with your morning coffee! There’s nothing better than starting your Big morning with Big Data talks! Yes — we actually managed to get the room at this busy times at OOW thanks to IOUG.

What: IOUG Big Data SIG Meeting

When: 8:45-9:45am, Tue., 2-Oct-2012

Where: Moscone West Level 3, Overlook 3 (OOW12)

Everyone is welcomed. Gwen Shapira is the SIG leader and expect lots of great things in that space. The SIG is also looking for volunteers — that’s going to be a hot space so if you want to engage early, come and let us know.

Whether you are at OOW12 or not, please join the SIG as a member in LinkedIn. We have a small goal to reach — I told Gwen that we will reach 1,000 members by the OOW and she is very skeptical. If you have interest in Big Data, please join the SIG and share it with your networks — Big Data SIG needs big memberships! ;)

Gwen, if we reach 1,000 members, you’re buying the drinks!

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