IOUG Collaborate Deep Dive Slides – Deploying Oracle Database 11gR2 for High Availability

Apr 22, 2012 / By Alex Gorbachev

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This is a quick blog post from Collaborate 2012 in Vegas. I’m only doing one session this year, but it’s a very long session — I’ve just done a deep dive on deploying Oracle Database 11gR2 for High Availability. It’s a broad topic, and my plan was to focus a lot on basic concepts and how they work.

I marked this session for beginners for that very reason, but I did go in-depth in a few areas, such as RAC nodes eviction and ASM failure handling and redundancy levels. In the beginning, I also focused a lot on how people should think about High Availability and plan for it. I tried to be practical, so I hope folks liked it even though it might have been the most boring part of the session — I think it was the most important part, as I definitely don’t see others talking nearly enough about it.

I also told everyone that the slides would be available online. Well, apparently deep dives are handled differently so the slides are distributed individually. Well, I’m publishing the slides here and will try to include the link in the deep dive description if some of the attendees don’t read my blog.

Deploying Oracle Database 11gR2 for High Availability slides.

Thanks everyone for the attendance — sacrificing a day in Vegas locking yourself for 6 hours in the room with me is quite a commitment. :) Please FILL YOUR EVALUATION FORMS ONLINE.Your feedback is very important for the speakers. It allows us to make the material better and fix the gaps we have.

Don’t forget that we have RAC SIG Experts Panel — we prepared a great roster of experts for you. Come and ask your questions on Monday at 1:15pm in Palm C. Our RAC SIG Birds of a Feather session will be running at 12:30pm on Tuesday in Palm C. We will tell you how we run RAC SIG, tell you about volunteer opportunities, and will have free discussions about RAC and related technologies. Please come and have a good time with us!

Finally, we are kicking off a new SIG — IOUG DBA Managers SIG on Wednesday at 12:15pm in Reef A. Following the success of DBA Managers Forum on LinkedIn, we wanted to see if we could find enough interest to meet at the conferences and do few webinars for DBA managers going forward as well. Please come if you are DBA manager or have aspirations to become one.

On that note, I’m off to the reception that is starting in 10 minutes. After 6 hours of standing on my feet and presenting, I could use some beer!

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