Is Summer Canceled in Ottawa This Year?

Mar 24, 2008 / By Alex Gorbachev

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I was at the Hotsos Symposium 2008 this year. You might not know that I also had a chance to take few days off and spend 1+ week vacation in Texas after the symposium — enjoyed the sun and warm weather. My family liked that even more than I did.

Unfortunately, when I was back home last weekend, I discovered pretty unpleasant view from my windows (that’s not basement!):

Snow Window 1 Snow Window 2

The view is much better now — I can see some bits of blue sky above a snow bank. So it’s end of March and these days are sunny but freeing — feels like -20 degrees Celsius (below 0 Fahrenheit). My back still hurts from excessive snow shoveling last weekend (so that I can see blue sky from my windows). And… sorry nothing about Oracle — I’m too busy shoveling the snow away from my house so that when it melts next year — I won’t have flooding problem.

I know warmer places do exist! Maybe I should find one?

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One Response to “Is Summer Canceled in Ottawa This Year?”

  • Neil Campbell says:

    You know warmer places exist – come back to Australia :) !!
    (Although it wasn’t a particularly good summer here either )

    What I want to know is – whose are those devilish looking eyes in the first picture ?


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