It’s Your Fun, Not Your iPhone’s

Sep 17, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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I was thumbing through the photos in my iPhone from my August trip in Melbourne, where I went to present two sessions on Exadata in Insync12 from Pythian.

I spent couple of hours on the first and last days sight-seeing, or should I say my iPhone did the sight-seeing, and I nursed him. As I was going through the photos, I realized that I was kind of seeing those places for the first time. There were many things present in the photos, but I never saw them with my own eyes while walking or traveling in the trams or cabs.

I have decided that on my next trip anywhere, I am going to put my iPhone in my pocket while sight-seeing. Photos of these places are aplenty, and if I don’t have any picture with all the landmarks and monuments behind me, then its fine as nothing is going to fall apart. Next time, I am going to see it myself and enjoy them. I won’t film or snapshot anything. There are plenty of travel books online and in print that have them shot from every angle.

I’m the one who has spent money, time, and effort, and not my iPhone. I should be the one watching and enjoying the stuff and not my dumb iPhone. And besides, its battery is so limited, and it’s very awkward to handle when you see something really ravishing. :)


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