Lock Timeout Error While Creating Database

Jul 14, 2014 / By Keerthi Deep


Recently I worked on a issue where a third-party application was failing during the installation. Below was the error returned by the Application.

Lock request time out period exceeded. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 1222)

The application was failing while it was trying to create a database. The application seemed to have a default timeout setting which was about 60 seconds after which it was failing, as the command had not yet returned any results.

I tried creating a test database directly from the SQL Server Management Studio and noticed that it was taking long time as well. Once I checked the sys.sysprocesses, I found that the created database was having IO related waits.

Some of the reasons why it might be taking more time while creating the database are

  • IO bottleneck on the drive where we are creating the database files
  • Large size of Model database
  • Instant File Initialization is not enabled

I verified the size of the model database files and found that the model database data file is 5 GB and log file is 1 GB. I have reduced the size of the model database to 1 GB and log file size to 512 MB and then I was able to create the Test database quickly.

Now we started the installation of the Application and it completed successfully as well.

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