Log Buffer #197, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Jul 30, 2010 / By Vanessa Simmons

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Log Buffer #197 marks the middle of summer, and the fact that we’re a mere two weeks away from our 200th edition.

To begin this week’s reading, I’d like to highlight two Oracle blogs maintained by Sam J. DeFilippis: Oracle Notes, where he’s recently posted about troubleshooting GoldenGate and positioning a read of Extract/Replicat Trail file or Oracle redo log. Sam volunteered to host a future edition of Log Buffer (thanks, Sam!). You can too, by sending an email to the Log Buffer coordinator, we’re always looking for volunteer publishers.

Brad Hudson a points that PostgreSQL test servers have moved from Oracle to EnterpriseDB.

Marc Fielding posts Part 2 of his series A Grand Tour of Oracle Exadata. He’s also hosting a webinar on how to successfully implement Exadata, Aug. 11th.

Cary Millsap explains why thinking clearly is more important than being correct.

On PL/SQL Challenge, Steven Feuerstein and his readers try to figure out where to find a list of all the tables and debate what is a table these days.

Sheeri Cabral catches up on her blogging this week with posts datawarehousing best practices, comparing Oracle and MySQL. Part 1 covers introduction and power, and Part 2 talks about partitioning. Another, explains Pythian’s method for continuously verifying replication sync, and lastly is a farewell post, as Sheeri forks off…. Pythian wishes Sheeri all the best in her future pursuits.

Iggy Fernandez tries to decide whether to use correlated subquery or join in a query.

Always wanted to learn more about Google’s BigTable database, but find the google papers intimidating?
myNoSQL blog links to a slide-deck that makes it all clear.

Ronald Bradford outlines clear evidence that in the short to medium term Oracle will continue to promote and enhance MySQL, and invites readers to chime in to his discussion on will Oracle kill MySQL?

And, on a side note, Pythian is looking for senior systems administrators who have RedHat Linux administration experience in Australia & other international locations. Visit our candidate system to match your skills with all of our current openings or submit your resume.

For those in Canada – enjoy Civic holiday weekend.

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