Log Buffer #203, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Oct 1, 2010 / By Vanessa Simmons

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Welcome to Log Buffer. The weekly roundup of posts, and news of what’s happening in the database world.

At Pythian, we’re pretty much recovered from a hectic Oracle OpenWorld 2010, and I’m no longer an OOW virgin. What an experience! I had the pleasure of meeting many of you Log Buffer readers and contributors at the Annual Blogger’s Meetup at Jillian’s. Great to put faces to names. And I now officially feel like “Vanessa from Log Buffer”, as many of your t-shirts will show.

Many thanks to Marc Fielding for providing the hot items for this week’s post, in Log Buffer #203. Enjoy.

The hubdub from OOW10 continues:

Opinions on the newly announced Exalogic are starting to form. Alex Williams on Read Write Cloud points out why Exalogic is not an elastic cloud. David Dorf provides his perspective for Exalogic’s application to the retail industry as a means to simplifying infrastructure, in conjunction with Exadata. Lorraine Lawson tries to clear up the confusion around “what exactly is Exalogic”.

Floyd Teter, on ORCLville provides his thoughts on the show, and Ray Wang provides good final wrapup notes, OOW from an insider’s perspective.

Congratulations to Asif Momen of The Momen Blog, who won the t-shirt signature contest. The Apple TV meetup contest winners will be announced on Monday, and listed in next Friday’s Log Buffer.

A litigous Oracle is very different from the old Sun. Aside from the well-publicized Google Android lawsuits this week Oracle is suing Micron, Samsung and other-chip makers for pricing fixing.

Katherine Noyes reports on the ‘Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel’.

Greg Rhan, from Structured Data gives a good overview of the newly released Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 & X2-8 for those who missed it. Referenced is Alex Gorbachev’s tidy table of hardware components, comparing Exadata V2, X2-2 & X2-8.

Moving away from Oracle, in the MySQL world:

Jayant Kumar experiments with MySQL/Postgres speed tests in a part 1 and part 2 post series.

MySQL cluster benchmarks appear on Johan Andersson’s Cluster and HA blog.

Andrew Hutchings, LinuxJedi, writes a drizzle migration article on his new blog, since joining Rackspace as a Drizzle developer.

Guiseppe Maxia, the Data Charmer, highlights a funny recipe to convert an IP address into an integer in order to use it as a server-ID, and then offers a better solution.

In SQL Server news, SP2 is out, promising tighter integration with Sharepoint.

Pinal Dave tells how to get query running session on SQLauthority.com.

Microsoft MVP Sean McCowan shows DBAs how to use PowerShell to Administer SQL Server 2008, a good thing to know, in his, and the “Scripting Guy’s” opinion. Vijay Patel talks about partitioning.

Robert Catteral focuses on catalogue statistics as a way to improve query performance in a DB2 for z/OS environment.

Now that I know many of you, I’ll be chasing you down personally to host an edition of Log Buffer. Seriously, to keep the tradition alive, we need more than the voice of “Vanessa Log Buffer”. Please connect to the Log Buffer coordinator (me), if you’re interested.

Have a great weekend.

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