Log Buffer #261, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Mar 2, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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With new blog posts covering newest technologies, discovered bugs and anomalies, this Log Buffer Edition is presented for you. In this Log Buffer #261, you would savor posts from Oracle, SQLServer and MySQL arena. Enjoy


Oracle ACE Director, Alex Gorbachev makes a quick announcement that Method-R is organizing the online class reunion for the participants of their Mastering Oracle Trace Data classes.

Jonathan Lewis discusses an anomaly pointed out by Christian Antognini.

How is it possible to query from a join view by ROWID, since the view is based on multiple objects and hence doesn’t have a simple one-to-one mapping to a ROWID of a single table? Randolf answers.

Repeat after Charles Hooper: NULL Values are Not Stored in Indexes?

Time to roll your own big data appliance :)


Managing a large SQL Server inventory requires an efficient management processes, Jack blogs.

Stuart Ainsworth is wrapping up his blog series.

One of the great features with SQL Replication is the ability to initialize a subscription from backup instead of from a snapshot. Denny Cherry has more.

SQL Rally 2012, in Dallas, is coming up in May, and Melissa Coates lets us know that there is a great lineup of sessions.

Thomas LaRock says that there are top three things which you should learn in SQL 2012.


Aaron Brown is going to outline the distinction between READ COMMITTED and REPEATABLE READ.

What does pt-show-grants look like? Sheeri tells us.

After having established a MySQL or MariaDB connection, HeidiSQL offers to launch a command line window (located in the “Tools” menu). Ansgar Becker has more.

Hartmut Holzgraefe is having more fun with partitions, this time with MyISAM.

Dave Stokes shares yet another interesting MySQL/NoSQL approach.

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