Log Buffer #275, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Jun 22, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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With the rapid advancement in the database technologies, the legacy systems are either being upgraded or replaced. Or, in some cases, technologists are finding ways to support them in new ways, showing us the flexible nature of databases and the belief of professionals that the sky is the limit. For this Log Buffer Edition, we go even beyond.


Why is a full table scan selected? Will the execution plan provide a clue? Charles Hooper answers.

Martin shows us how to use vi-style editing in SQL*Plus.

The Oracle Security guy Pete Finnigan blogs about Oracle, Proxy, Obfuscation, Cookie Law, Talks, and more!

Greg Rahn has a great post about Linux 6 Transparent Huge Pages and Hadoop Workloads.

Dominic Delmolino is impressed with the solutions to his little problem: generating a symmetric Pascal matrix using SQL.

SQL Server:

Pinal Dave writes an insightful follow up of $rowguid and $IDENTITY.

What does the ALLOW_ROW_LOCKS  and ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS mean on the CREATE INDEX statement ? What is the cost\benefit of  ON|OFF? Is there a performance gain? Jack Vamvas answers.

Andy Lohn brings together a nice link round up.

Kevin Kline is suggesting two TechNet radio sessions you don’t want to miss.

Simple time series calculations, such as comparing sales in the current year with the previous year, are easy to do in DAX and well-documented. Chris Webb has more.


Michael McLaughlin discusses the single wildcard operator with respect to MySQL and Oracle.

This post by Mayank Prasad aims to provide detailed steps to get gprof data for MySQL client and server.

Ronald Speelman demonstrates how to generate meaningful test data using a MySQL function.

Shlomi Noach is blogging about a real-world experience concerning MySQL connections.

Ernie Souhrada is on character sets and disappearing tables.

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