Log Buffer #280, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Aug 3, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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This Log Buffer Edition is sparkling with fresh and budding blogs covering Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. Please give your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!

Kent Graziano shares the best practices to create the best data model ever.

To compress or not to compress? Apun Hiran chooses easily.

Murali Veligeti blogs in detail about creating custom workflow in the Weblogic Portal.

Bruno Borges starts blogging with a thud as he starts at Oracle and talks about enabling WebLogic 12c FastSwap with NetBeans.

Sherry LaMonica has a cool post about data parallelism using Oracle R Enterprise.

SQL Server:

Be the Next contestants tackle SQL Server Security – but do they pass the test?

Starting from August 2012, SQLBI is working with Project Botticelli to provide videos about DAX and the new SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular model.

What gets logged for SELECT INTO operations? Kalen Delaney asks.

Phil Brammer gives a quick tip – Run SSIS 2012 packages synchronously and other execution parameters.

If you could pick your manager, what ideal qualities would he or she have?


Gerrit offers some good tips to increase the performance of your MySQL queries.

Frederic Descamps gives advice on avoiding SST when adding new Percona XtraDB Cluster node.

Aaron Brown highlights performance of MySQL Semi-Synchronous replication over high latency connections.

Sean Hull juggles apples and oranges in the data center.

MySQL Enterprise Backup has always provided a simple, reliable online backup solution for InnoDB backed applications. Rob Young has more.

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