Log Buffer #281, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Aug 10, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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This Log Buffer Edition is a one-stop joint to know about the latest blog entries regarding database technologies like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. Enjoy!


Whilst working with Oracle BPM Process Composer, Andrew began to receive the following error when opening projects…

Christian Screen is moving ODBC DSNs from source machine to target.

Dimitri Gielis is starting a series of blog posts about APEX 4.2.

Mohan Prabhala blogs about what enables Oracle Secure Global Desktop to allow access from anywhere.

Prateek Kumar Shaw came across a use case where we need to have select all and select none as well as get selected rows into backing bean where welater  want to perform operations on select records of a table.

SQL Server:

In Kalen Delaney‘s experience, it is MUCH more common to have people turn off row or page locks when they shouldn’t, and by inspecting the sys.indexes catalog view, you can tell if that has happened.

Many people are looking for books about Analysis Services Tabular. Marco Russo mentions two books.

Why are so many DBCC commands undocumented? Paul asks.

Pedro has started a new challenge in life. Challenge always corresponds to change, which is always lively.

Dinesh Priyankara has a cool blogpost about TABLE Type and MERGE Statement.


How exactly secure is ClouSE for MySQL, the first secure database in the cloud? Are we protected against standard application level security attacks or even accidental admin mistakes? Artem Livshits answers.

MySQL as a Key Value Store (KVS) is always intriguing. Andres Karlsson shares his experience.

Brendan Gregg works on weird and challenging performance issues in the cloud, often deep inside the operating system kernel. Yes, it’s already interesting.

Sean Hull mentions five things you overlook normally with MySQL dumps.

Transparent encryption does not make your database secure, Justin Swanhart says.

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