Log Buffer #292, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Oct 26, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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This Log Buffer Edition is once again here, packed with rock’n’rolling blogs from the database world. This edition contains select posts about Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. Enjoy!


Pythian’s OCM Andrey Goryunov is attracted and enticed by the silent installation of EM Cloud Control 12c.

Bobby Durrett helps a coworker learn how to do Oracle performance tuning and shares his experience.

OS Provisioning is one of the major features of Ops Center. You can set up an OS provisioning plan and profile, which specify how an OS is deployed, and then use them to create new operating systems on any number of systems. Owen Allen is provisioning Oracle Solaris 11.

Mala Narasimharajan tells us that Oracle and ROLTA have joined forces to put together an educational webinar series on best practices for maximizing data integrity using analytical master data management.

Attack, Defense, and Forensic Response in a Distributed Database Estate, Paul Wright writes.

Brandye Barrington is happy to announce the availability of a brand new Exam Prep Seminar titled Certification Exam Prep Seminar: Oracle RAC 11g and Grid Infrastructure Administration.

SQL Server:

Baby, baby, baby, where did our love/ data go? Mark Broadbent yearns.

Jason Brimhall is doing a SQLSat153 Recap.

Jason Strate discovers binary pages in Sys.Indexes.

Jakub Dvorak informs that SQLTreeo now supports SQL Server 2012.

John Pertell blogs about collecting data with the PowerShell since, like most DBAs, he collects different statistics on SQL Servers.


Why would anyone use a 32-bit OS in 2012? Baron Schwartz wonders.

Paul Campaniello is choosing a Next-Gen database and shedding light on the new world order of NoSQL, NewSQL, and MySQL.

MySQL Notifier is a quick tool for Windows installations to help you manage your instances, tells Dave Stokes.

Dimitri Kravtchuk is talking about Linux I/O and Fusion-io with respect to MySQL performance.

Mike Benshoof is minimizing downtime from lengthy AWS outages.

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