Log Buffer #296, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Nov 23, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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This week’s post focuses on Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL weblogs from across the planet. Log Buffer Editions are the manifestation of the fact that nerd bloggers from databases are not only growing but they are also producing immense volume of quality ramblings. Enjoy!


Stelios Charalambides’s book on SQLTXPLAIN is now announced, Carlos Sierra informs.

Geertjan is showing around things like Oracle DB, Oracle ADF, GlassFish, JDeveloper, and NetBeans IDE.

Paul Wright asks: Good news and bad news – which would you like first?

MacLochlainns is blogging about the reset sequence START WITH.

Glynn Foster is sharing a simple deployment example using Oracle Solaris 11.

Gwen Shapira shares excellent and concrete advice for abstract writers.

SQL Server:

Jason Strate compares the compatibility view sysperfinfo with the dynamic management view sys.dm_os_performance_counters.

SQL Server 2012 introduces the CHOOSE function, which allows to return an item based upon its 1-based index value. David Dye gives an example.

Denny Cherry is fixing a table that has overflowed its primary key.

It didn’t get much attention at the time (maybe because it was done at the Sharepoint Conference, and not at PASS). Why?  Chris Webb asks.

Jen McCown writes a good piece of advice for beginners in blogging.


Bill Karwin blogs about his favorite tool as he asks for some query logs.

Anders Karlsson talks all about Character sets, Collations, UTF-8, and all that.

Ulf Wendal is supercharging PHP MySQL applications using the best API.

Ronald Bradford is working on an evaluation project about schema design in open source applications and seeks community help.

In his MySQL 101, Cedric Peintre is having a go at Numeric type attributes and maximum value.

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