Log Buffer #297, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Nov 30, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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From Movember to UKOUG, Pythian is stomping the grounds with massive thuds. This Log Buffer Edition collects various great blog posts from across the database world once again. Enjoy!


Andre Araujo posts about the union of MoBros, all of them DBAs. :)

You’re in the UK and have penchant for MySQL or Oracle? UKOUG 2012 is the place to be confirms┬áBen Mildren.

Bobby thought that an invisible index was never queried but was only maintained as the table was modified.

Andrew Reid is having a go at Ora-01090.

Nicolas Gasparotto is blogging about Integration Network WorkCenter and Statistics.

SQL Server:

Brent Ozar is having a “wow” moment after the PASS Summit 2012.

Microsoft introduced an interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience called Power View with SQL Server 2012.

Chris Webb is giving an example of Microsoft making a big BI-related announcement at the Sharepoint Conference and not PASS, therefore ensuring that no-one in the Microsoft SQL Server BI community hears about it.

Wes Brown is very glad to have a new real keyboard.

Jason Strate is lost in translation.


Justin Swanhart has a good take on the replication of the NOW() function (also, time travel).

MySQL is the first choice for a large majority of web applications thanks to its ease of use and low cost of operation.

Ronald Speelman is helping you create random test data using real data from your MySQL database.

MySQL Cluster 7.2.9 is released, informs Andrew Morgan.

Matt Reid is blogging about using TRIGGERs to keep datetime columns updated without direct SQL calls.

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