Log Buffer #299, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Dec 14, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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Screenings, shows, premieres, and parties… Where were the stars spotted this week? No not on the red carpet in LA, but in this Log Buffer Edition. The stars of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL are twinkling. Get mesmerized!!!


Pythian’s very own Marc Fielding is revealing the hints behind the Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor.

Paul listened to the last IT Conversations podcast of all time, hence this blog post.

How to force ADF to speak your language (or any common language), Blueberry coder tells us.

SQL didn’t run that well for the grumpy old DBA.

Mani found interesting that _px_trace gave some insight into the DOP and its funtionality.

SQL Server:

Let’s talk licensing and virtualization for SQL Server with Kevin Kline.

Jason Brimhall is doing a blog series for the 12 Days of pre-Christmas.

James Serra is offering a solution to VSTA editor error in SSIS 2012.

Brent Ozar blogs about sp_Blitz v16: Snapshots, Recompiles, ShrinkDB, and more.

John Pertell is quickly building a database sandbox using SSDT power tools.


Here are 5 Tips for migrating your MySQL server to a Galera Cluster.

Mark Callaghan is dealing wth binlog rotation at scale.

Yoshinori Matsunobu is discussing improvements in 5.6 regarding non-persistant connection performance.

What a Google whitepaper would do for you! Sumeet Sheokand tells.

Matt Reid provides a guide on how to validate IPv4 addresses and netmasks.

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