Log Buffer #303, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Jan 11, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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Sky’s the limit for the database bloggers. They are producing awesome rants in Oracle, fabulous ramblings in MySQL, and fantastic views in SQL Server. This Log Buffer Edition very proudly covers all that. Enjoy!


You may have encountered the problem where you can connect to your Oracle database through the listener but not locally, even though the value of ORACLE_SID in your environment is correct. Iggy Fernandez has more.

We now have an Oracle Tuxedo channel on Youtube, Deepak Goel informs.

Lance Shaw is offering ECM resolutions.

How to Create an Editable Diff Viewer, as explained by Geertjan.

“What” is Siebel Open UI? Chandan Das Gupta tells us.

SQL Server:

John Sansom is resolute in his philosophy that the Best DBAs Automate Everything.

The Master Data Management (MDM) hub is a database with the software to manage the master data that is stored in the database and keep it synchronized with the transactional systems that use the master data. James Serra has more.

Allen Kinsel came across a strange permission issue and blogged about it.

Kendra Little is implementing snapshot or read committed snapshot isolation in SQL Server.

Each login in SQL Server has a default database associated with it. When you login to SQL Server, context is set to default database for login, Vishal writes.


Colin Charles thinks that it’s worth noting that since January 2012, there were no changes to MHA (0.53).

Just how often do you encounter hierarchical data? Shlomi Noach asks.

Jeremy Cole writes about the physical structure of InnoDB index pages.

Baron is taking a closer look at New Relic’s scalability chart.

It’s a new year, and it’s time again to start thinking of all the great people and companies that make the MySQL ecosystem so great.

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