Log Buffer #304, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Jan 25, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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When it comes to information and its management, nothing compliments information more than databases. This Log Buffer Edition covers the latest and greatest database technologies related to Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.


Vikram Das is discussing a case study of an error after cloning OTM database and the instance.

Katsumii blogs about attaching to foreground process with strace in sh script.

Is Oracle Changing The Way That Exams Are Scored? Brandye Barrington asks.

Atul Kumar is configuring SSL for Oracle Internet Directory (OID).

Andrew is sharing how to Add Conditions After a Where Clause.

SQL Server:

One of the key points that Chris Shaw likes to raise when he delivers his session about the best Disaster Recovery solution is making sure that you pay extra attention to not over-design a solution.

Do you know the last time a Server Property was changed on your instances of SQL Server? Jason Brimhall questions.

It’s an exciting time for SQL Server Professionals in the South West of the UK, and Richard Douglas is excited.

The Master Data Services add-in for Excel has Data Quality Services functionality to help you match data before publishing it to the MDS repository. James has more.

A very common requirement when you’re building a report in PowerPivot (or indeed in any BI tool) is to automatically show data for today’s date.


Arjen Lentz writes about fatal half-measures in incident response.

Installing MySQL is a simple process. It is very common on a modern Windows machine to install it in under three minutes. The Windows Installer Team have really increased the speed in the last few releases. But what if you are running Linux?

Do we need a MySQL Cookbook? Simon Mudd asks.

Falko has a good post about installing Apache2 with PHP5 nnd MySQL Support on Fedora 18 (LAMP).

Reading Sheeri’s MySQL 5.1 vs. MySQL 5.5: Floats, Doubles, and Scientific Notation, Shlomi Noach was baffled at this change of floating point number notation.

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