Log Buffer #312, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Mar 22, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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There are no rules for blogging. There cannot be any, because you cannot trap the wind in your hands. It’s innovation, it’s creativity, and it’s right out of the core of the technology from the bleeding edge. This Log Buffer drips into that and brings you some of the finest posts.


No, it’s not a fad. Big Data is the commercial supercomputing in the age of Datafication.

Tanel Poder is listing Exadata storage cells and their configuration info from V$CELL_CONFIG.

How well do you know your hints? When Jonathan asks, it stays asked.

Rather than just describing the contents of the trace file, Doug thought it might be a good idea to tie the various sections into how they might help you solve Real WorldTM problems.

Timur Akhmadeev produces yet another gem of a blog post.

SQL Server:

Michelle Ufford is blogging about conversion issues when upgrading to PowerShell 3.0.

Mark Broadbent is figuring out just how to upload SQL Server 2012 Enterprise/Developer Edition installation files to his Windows Azure Virtual Machine.

Chris Shaw needs an opinion regarding the sessions for the PASS summit.

Chris Webb writes about UK/US Date Format Bug in PowerPivot and SSAS Tabular.

Thomas LaRock is having a SQL Server Query Performance Tuning: A 12 Step Program.


Among many others, here is yet another live post from Percona 2013.

Petri Virsunen opines about Zero-Downtime MySQL Maintenance And Schema Operations.

ip.access relies on MySQL to Support Mobile Traffic Growth.

Wanted: Evaluators to Try MongoDB with Fractal Tree Indexing.

Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL – What’s New in Version 3.5.

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