Log Buffer #315, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Apr 12, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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Like in love there is no precondition, there are no limits held when it comes to the labor of love called blogging. Lovingly, this Log Buffer edition brings you some more roses from the database arena.


Marco Vigelini shares as how to duplicate a production database on a different server mantaining the same SID and directory structures with ‘duplicate’ RMAN command and how to resynchronize a duplicated remote database using RMAN backups.

A recent thread in the OakTable mailing list prompted Timur Akhmadeev to create a poll and ask about the ways DBAs use system statistics in real systems.

Marc Fielding was recently playing with an Oracle XE database, and when Marc plays, it stays played.

Here are some insane set indifferences.

Cloud-delivered applications are one of those things you watch to see how the  phenomenon is going to fully express itself.

SQL Server:

Discover, diagnose, and document all your SQL Servers On your Coffee Break.

Jen Stirrup has a good post post about PASSBAC keynote.

There are lots of horror stories of people going to Europe on vacation or on business and coming home to massive cell phone bills.

Jason Strate discusses staggering SQLIO sessions across multiple volumes.

You can export data from SQL Server using BCP command for SQLCMD utility. However, these utilities does not support dynamic file names when exporting data.


Cedric Peintre dishes out an incomplete guide to Linux system configuration for MySQL.

Do you need to run multi-master MySQL database clusters across sites?

Daniel van Eeden has a good review about the Instant InnoDB book.

SQLAchemy has support for MySQL Connector/Python for a while now. Here is a little HOWTO showing how to install both and setup a database engine.

Ivan Zoratti is welcoming to the MySQL month!

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