Log Buffer #316, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Apr 19, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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Just as information has become an integral part of technology, blogging has become an inseparable part of technology too. Database technologies are no exception, and blogging in that area is booming. This Log Buffer Edition is booming with some bombastic blog posts.


Arup Nanda asks: Application Design is the only Reason for Deadlocks? Think Again.

It’s time that businesses took a good, hard look at the way they manage their cloned database environments, Kyle Opines.

Randolf touches the interesting topic of ASM AU Size And LMT AUTOALLOCATE.

Jonathan Lewis is having some entertainment.

James Morle produces a gem of an article on Optimal Oracle Configuration for Efficient Table Scanning.

SQL Server:

Peter Skoglund is running DBCC CHECKDB on a regular basis.

Usually named instances can use dynamic port. If there is a firewall setup on the server, you can use SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Jason is backing up Azure SQL database to the cloud.

Microsoft let new SQL Server version name slip? Richard Douglas asks.

David Dye was recently introduced to a number of SSIS packages containing execute SQL and data flow tasks, all of which were using dynamic SQL.


Stewart Smith says that the MERGE storage engine is not dead, just resting or forgotten.

Installing Apache2 with PHP5 and MySQL Support on OpenSUSE 12.3 (LAMP)

Rotating MySQL slow logs safely is important.

MariaDB Foundation Takes Next Steps To Community Governance.

InnoDB: A journey to the core at the MySQL Conference.

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