Log Buffer #322, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

May 31, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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Log Buffer’s collection of blogs from across the world of various databases is all about nifty features, cool tricks, pragmatic tips, real world war stories, and much more.


Ops Center uses an Oracle Database to store product data. Normally you’ll use the Ops Center UI and won’t access the database directly, but it can occasionally be useful to see the database contents directly.

The “Oracle Fusion Financials 11g General Ledger Certified Implementation Specialist” certification is designed for implementation consultants who possess a strong foundation and expertise implementing and configuring the Fusion General Ledger application.

In Oracle,when you compare a character and a number in a SQL WHERE clause, Oracle converts the character value to a number rather than the other way around.

Enterprises look to new tools and tactics for big data ROI.

New Basel III Directives Make Sure You Are Not Kicking the Can Down The Road.

SQL Server:

Greg Low was at a site where they decided to change the service account for the SQL Server services on a set of systems. After changing the service accounts, SQL Server restarted just fine on all machines except one.

Stored procedure debugging is a feature that has existed in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for some time (since before SQL Server 2005 I believe). Yet, in Jamie Thomson’s experience, not many folks make use of it. Indeed, many aren’t even aware it exists.

As soon as Davide Mauri had the opportunity to test HDInsight on Azure, he promptly started using it.

INSERT SELECT is Broken. Ask Microsoft to Fix It. Adam Machanic opines.

Generally Joe Chang does not get involved in high-end SAN systems. It is almost impossible to find meaningful information on the hardware architecture from the vendor.


Shard-Query inserts data into a “coordinator” table when answering queries.   When there is a GROUP BY on the original query, the coordinator table contains a UNIQUE KEY over the GROUP BY attributes.

It has now been two.. three.. four weeks since the Percona MySQL Conference was finished.. – and there are still many things and new ideas running in Dmitri‘s mind inspired by this great MySQL tech + community event.

Application designers need to start by thinking about what level of data integrity they need rather than what they want, and then design their technology stack around that reality.

The main benefit of using GTIDs is to have much easier failover than with file-based replication.

MySQL can optimize aggregate functions like MIN and MAX as long as the columns specified are indexed. This means that, in the case of MIN and MAX, the optimizer should be able to identify the highest and lowest values of an indexed column from the B-Tree index.

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