Log Buffer #335, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Aug 30, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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This week’s Log Buffer Edition casts light on selected blog posts from different database logs across the globe slicing and dicing different ideas. Enjoy!


Saurabh Verma is correlating SQL statements in DB Sessions with ODI Sessions in ODI

David Allan is writing about file transformation debatching within ODI.

An interesting thread about OEM 12c support for the database 12c release is currently on the oracle-l mailing list. Martin has more.

Anyone who has been around Oracle performance over the years knows the grief that hard parsing SQL queries can cause on highly concurrent applications.

J. Lewis is investigating sorted hash clusters.

SQL Server:

Chris is returning the contents of any table from any Excel Workbook in Sharepoint with Power Pivot and Power Query.

Here is Chandoo‘s formula challenge 001.

Information is mined by programmers and technicians, but when it comes processing data, the Journal of Accountancy argues that the finance department should be taking the lead role.

Alex Whittles has a post about LogParser performance when inserting into SQL Server.

The role of a SQL Server DBA has evolved over the past 10 years from a technician role to a resource management role.


MySQL Connect 2013 is coming up with several interesting new sessions.

Considering TokuDB as an engine for timeseries data?

Unfortunately, security is a field where MySQL is particularly weak, and very little was done about it in the many years Shlomi Noach has been working with MySQL.

The MySQL Enterprise Backup team is excited to announce the new release of MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 3.9.0.

Ask ten DBAs for a definition of ‘Big Data’, and you will get more than ten replies.

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