Log Buffer #347, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Nov 22, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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What do swaying palms, turquoise water, white sandy beaches and absolutely pristine fauna remind you of? Correct! It’s Log Buffer. This Log Buffer brings you beads of blog posts related to data dexterity crafted by leading bloggers across the planet.


When are Exadata’s storage indexes used?

Oracle 12c has increased the maximum length of character-based columns to 32K bytes.

Oracle has extended the maximum length of varchar2, nvarchar and raw columns to 32K, but this comes with some challenges when it comes to indexing such columns.

Martin has applying PSU in the lab environment.

It is easier to create one or two AWR reports quickly using OEM. But what if you have to create AWR reports for several snapshots?

SQL Server:

A demonstration of Power BI for Office 365, shows you how all the various tools and technologies work together.

Executing powershell script in a SQL Agent job – Host errors

Optimizing SQL Server Performance: Changing Your Settings

What Exactly Is This Sysadmin You Speak Of?

Automated Permissions Auditing With Powershell and T-SQL.


Here is a commentary on MySQL‘s slow query collection sources.

Integrating pt-online-schema-change with a Scripted Deployment

How to add VIPs to Percona XtraDB Cluster or MHA with Pacemaker.

The binary and source versions of MySQL Cluster 7.3.3 have now been made available.

Since MariaDB aims to be a compatible/drop-in replacement to MySQL, it’s crucial that in 10.0 it supports all the 5.6 options/system variables.

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