Log Buffer #349, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Dec 9, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza


This Log Buffer Edition encompasses some of the coolest blog posts of the week from across different database technologies. Enjoy.


John Russel is sharing his history with Big Data.

Ultan is evangelizing Apps UX.

Connor has blogged about number of set bits.

Chlander has posted a blog about managing Oracle communications applications with EM cloud control.

Tired as a DBA to have to manage separate users in multiple Oracle DBs over and over?

SQL Server:

Gethyn Ellis is complaining about the slow Internet in Wales third largest city, Newport.

SQL Server Error Log, A Little Deeper

Doing It Wrong: High Availability and Security

Optimizing SQL Server Performance: Data Benchmarking and Analysis

Getting Started with a Career in BI


Enough negativity gets slung around so often, that it’s easy to forget how much good is going on.

5 great things about Markus Winand’s book SQL Performance Explained

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.4 Is Now Available

Making MySQL Slave Replication Filters Dynamic

MySQL 5.6 BOOL behavior when using PDO and prepared statements.

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