Log Buffer #361, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Feb 28, 2014 / By Fahd Mirza


Winter is slowly receding, but the fragrance of blooming blog posts is already here in this Log Buffer Edition which covers Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Patrick Barel is trying something with the types in Oracle.

Weijun is talking about a bug in Kerberos used by Java’s HTTP.

Paul Anderson has told us that the BIApps ODI Cumulative Patch 1 has been released.

Courtney Llamas writes about the fast recovery area for archive destination.

Stand Apart From Your Peers With Oracle Database Performance and Tuning 2015 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification.

SQL Server:

This article will help us identify the backup which was used to restore the database.

Steve Jones is putting out an open call for guest editorial pieces in the spring of 2014.

DBAs Checklist for Designing and Reviewing SQL Server System Architectures.

Views are a valuable tool for the SQL Server Developer, because they hide complexity and allow for a readable style of SQL expression.

SQL SERVER – 28 Links for Learning SQL Wait Stats from Beginning.


Real-time data loading from MySQL to Hadoop.

Upcoming EMEA Events with MySQL 2014.

Repos and Distros: Upstream and Downstream.

One of Michael McLaughlin students asked how to convert MySQL Workbench’s default Crow’s Foot (IE) diagram to one of the other supported formats – Classic, Connect to Columns, UML, and IDEF1X.

The MySQL client has some functionality some of us never use. Why would you use them, and what is the added value of this?

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