Log Buffer #368, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Apr 28, 2014 / By Fahd Mirza


The beats of big data and symphonies of small data are creating a dazzling contrast in the realm of databases. Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL are creating new tunes and all these tonal qualities are being captured by this Log Buffer Edition. Relax, sit back and enjoy.


This blog shows how you can write a SQL query to recommend products (cross-sell) to a customer based on products already placed in his current shopping cart.

R provides a rich set of statistical functions that we may want to use directly from SQL. Many of these results can be readily expressed as structured table data for use with other SQL tables, or for use by SQL-enabled applications, e.g., dashboards or other statistical tools.

Insight in the number, type and severity of errors that happen in a test or production environment is crucial to resolve them, and to make a stable ADF application that is less error-prone.

In order to get meaningful database statistics, the TIMED_STATISTICS parameter must be enabled for the database instance. The performance impact of having TIMED_STATISTICS enabled is minimal compared to instance performance.

As you all know that ADS is basically a push technology which send data from server to client without any user intervention . However client will send request periodically to server ask for update. Which further configure in adf-config.xml.

SQL Server:

SQL Server 2014 and the DBA: Building Bridges.

RS, SharePoint and Forefront UAG Series – Intro.

Introducing the Microsoft Analytics Platform System – the turnkey appliance for big data analytics.

Progressive Insurance data performance grows by factor of four, fueling business growth online experience.

Version 9.04.0013 of the RML Utilities for x86 and x64 has been released to the download center.


Since the dawn of time, MySQL indexes have a limit: they cannot be descending. Yes, ALTER TABLE and CREATE INDEX can contain the ASC and DESC keywords.

It’s now 3 weeks since the MariaDB & MySQL community day in Santa Clara.

FromDual.en: MySQL Environment MyEnv 1.0.3 has been released.

Managing Percona Xtradb Cluster with Puppet.

Every Relation is in First Normal Form, by definition. Every Table may not.

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