Log Buffer #381, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Jul 25, 2014 / By Fahd Mirza


Thy rhythm of blog posts regarding database technology has remained consistent throughout the week. Few of those posts have been plucked by this Log Buffer Edition for your pleasure.


Sayan has shared a Standalone sqlplus script for plans comparing.

Gartner Analysis: PeopleSoft Update Manager Delivers Significant Improvements to the Upgrade Tools and Processes.

Timely blackouts, of course, are essential to keeping the numbers up and (more importantly) preventing Target Down notifications from being sent out.

Are you experiencing analytics pain points?

Bug with xmltable, xmlnamespaces and xquery_string specified using bind variable.

SQL Server:

SQL Server 2012 introduced columnstore indexes, which can immensely improve the performance of OLAP queries.

Restoring the SQL Server Master Database Even Without a Backup .

There times when you need to write T-SQL code that creates specific T-SQL Code and executes it. When you do this you are creating dynamic T-SQL code.

A lot of numbers that we use everyday such as Bank Card numbers, Identification numbers, and ISBN codes, have check digits.

SQL-only ETL using a bulk insert into a temporary table (SQL Spackle).


How MariaDB makes Stored Procedures usable.

DBaaS, OpenStack and Trove 101: Introduction to the basics.

MySQL Fabric is a tool included on MySQL Utilities that helps you to manage your MySQL instances.

Showing all available MySQL data types when creating a new table with MySQL for Excel.

Why TokuDB hates Transparent HugePages.

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