Log Buffer #52: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Jul 6, 2007 / By David Edwards


The 52nd edition of Log Buffer is up, edited by Dominic Brooks and published on his blog, OraStory. On deck, Daniel Fink.

Boy, these Oracle people sure know how to blog! We haven’t heard from a MySQL blogger since Ronald Bradford did Log Buffer #47, from an PostgreSQL blogger since Robert Treat’s #27, or an SQL Server writer since Brian Kelley’s (gasp!) #22.

Non-Oracle RDBMS bloggers, it’s probably putting too fine a point on it to say that Oracle bloggers are humiliating you, that they are spanking you, or as it were soppin’ up the Log Buffer gravy, wipin’ little circles with their bread. I would never say that. Nor I expect would any others, including certain Oracle bloggers in private correspondence with me. Nope.

However, just to be on the safe side, you should probably consider showing your DBMS blogger colours by editing and publishing an edition of Log Buffer, just to let those smug Oracle so-and-so’s know that you won’t have sand kicked in your face week-in and week-out, month after ignominious month. Read the Log Buffer homepage and get in touch. That’d really show ’em!

Here is Dominic Brooks’s Log Buffer #52.

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